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Touché’s story began when a group of young designers from Istanbul aimed at revolutionizing the way the next generation of women wear clothes. The fading popularity of mainstream brands and the repetitive and mundane designs of the old industry have pushed Touché to pursue a reformative path for young women who have a constant desire to be differently elegant. We followed the rising trend of modest fashion in the world and blended it with our touch of modernism, which allowed for a unique style to emerge. With Touché, modest fashion is no longer an archaic way to dress.

Modern and modest designs coming together for the first time with Touché were met with great enthusiasm by the market. Since our story began in 2014, Touché has reached a network of around 200 sales points in over 30 countries and 5 continents with its unique story, high-quality fabrics, and reasonable prices. Our mission is to spread our free spirit and innovative designs all over the world and show that women can be modest without having to sacrifice their modern, young, chic, sporty, and colorful attributes.

The Art of Turkish Fabric and Textiles

All Touché models are produced with a selection of the highest quality Turkish fabrics. The Turkish fabric and textiles industry is one of the leading in the world, in quality and in its sheer size.

Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is a premium long-fiber cotton grown exclusively in the Aegean Region. The long fibers yield stronger and smoother threads than regular cotton, and Turkish Cotton becomes even softer and more comfortable over time.

Quality and Health

All fabrics used by Touché go through a meticulous inspection phase before entering production. With Touché, you can rest assured that the products you buy do not cause any harm to your skin and health.

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