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10% discount up to a value of 50 EGP.

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Raneen is offering a 10% discount up to a value of 50 EGP.

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Raneen is one of the most popular stores in Egypt. They offer a wide range of products at affordable prices and have an amazing customer service.


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raneen.com was established in 2020, but this recent date of establishment does not hinder the site’s ambition to be at the forefront of online shopping sites in Egypt and abroad, taking advantage of the experience that Raneen has in the Egyptian market as well as its close relationships with millions of customers. The headquarters is located in Giza Governorate, Arab Republic of Egypt .

Our logo may have evolved over the years, but our priority, principles and concern for our valued customers have not changed.

Raneen.Com works as a retail site and seeks to provide a convenient, safe and easy shopping experience with the ability to pay online, the ability to pay cash upon delivery of goods, the possibility of free return and other advantages that you find on our website.


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