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Golden Flora

Perfumes are types, and each perfume has its own story that it wants to tell. Write your story now through a unique and distinctive experience of our products with a velvety and charming scent. Enjoy excellence and brilliance on every occasion.

Signature Private Perfume Package (2 Bottles)

Signature Private perfume, with a touch that makes magic, so you are the soul, for the cardamom and amber composition, touching nature with every splash, and with every whiff of air the feeling of luxury and exceptionalness is renewed, a scent that soars you in the sky of passion, elegance has a story that you tell them.

Bedding fresheners set from Golden Flora

Royal mattress freshener from Golden Flora


A mixture of oud extract and woods.
Oud, sandalwood, amber, saffron, red berries and orange flower.
The volume of the package is 400 ml

Freshener of purple mattresses from Golden Flora


A mixture of musk, sandalwood , mango, nectarine and blood orange essences.
The volume of the package is 400 ml

Violet mattress freshener from Golden Flora


A mixture of peach extract, bergamot, spices, patchouli, powder.
The volume of the package is 400 ml


Rich in distinctive scents.
For clothes, bedspreads, homes and all kinds of fabrics.
It makes you feel lively and refreshes the room’s atmosphere for long periods.
It is available in several types to suit all tastes.
Eliminates unpleasant odors.


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Golden Flora