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Bath & Body Works Discount Coupon Code And Get Extra 10% OFF

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Bath & Body Works Have created scents that make you smile. Whether you’re shopping for fragrant body care or a 3-wick candle, we have hundreds of quality products perfect for treating yourself or someone else.

we all know you need a skin care routine for your face. But your body needs just as much love to stay hydrated and glowing all year long — and our super-simple, incredibly versatile routine has you covered step by step, head to toe.

Step 1: Cleanse

It all starts with some suds…

Why Cleansing Matters

It gets rid of daily dirt and grime. It keeps your pores in shape. And it’s like a refreshing, five-minute fragrance vacation. A few of our favorite products are below (you really can’t go wrong), but whichever option you choose, here’s a pro-tip: be sure to wash and condition your hair before washing your body — it’s the best way to remove any residual hair products from your skin.


This is the first step to super-soft, smooth skin. Not only do body scrubs clear away dirt, grime and dry flakes, but they’re also a great way to prep for the rest of your routine. Just remember to exfoliate gently in a circle for about 30 seconds, once or twice a week. 


This queen of cleansing is the base of all skin care routines. And its ingredients? Vitamin E. Shea butter. Aloe. Basically, the moisturizing superstars. Plus, it’s excellent for all skin types and comes in nearly every fragrance imaginable. Talk about a win-win. 


This won’t replace your daily body lotion or cream, but our moisturizing body wash will help hydrate your skin when it needs it: it’s clinically tested to moisturize after just one shower. And the shea and cocoa butter make the perfect, bye-dry-skin blend.


You may be wondering: do I even need a loofah? And we’d say: of course! These super-cute, super-effective shower sponges take your skin care routine beyond a perfect 10/10 by adding some gentle scrubbing action and major adorableness. 

Step 2: Moisturize

Now that you’ve cleansed, it’s time to smooth on the good stuff.

Why Moisturizing Matters

Because cleansing clears away so many natural oils along with all that dirt and grime, moisturizing is crucial to replenish hydration and lock it all in. But with so many formula options, from body creams to oils, it can be tough to choose just one. Below, a few of our favorites for every skin type (and season).


Our body creams are perfect for anyone who wants a little more moisture than the standard body lotion. We put nourishing shea and cocoa butters (and soothing aloe) in each bottle to keep skin soft all day, every day – but never greasy. Added bonus: the fragrances are everything.


So light, you won’t even notice it’s on your skin. (You will notice the fragrance, though.) This quick-absorbing, perfect-for-everyone formula blends vitamin E, coconut oil and shea butter into a lotion you’ll want to take everywhere.


Especially popular in our Aromatherapy collection, our body oils are just as pampering and luxurious as they sound. Layer on these nourishing wonders after long days at work, as a self-care treat or anytime you need a little extra boost. We recommend making a spa night out of it.


Like a treat for your body – without the calories. When you need 24 hours of intense moisture, body butter is your go-to. Your skin will love all the good-for-you ingredients (hey there, shea butter and coconut oil), and you’ll love the fragrance.

Step 3: Spritz

No skin care routine would be complete without it.

Why Spritzing Matters

Think of this step like the cherry on top of a sundae or the bow on a present. That last spritz of a fine fragrance mist or perfume ties your entire routine together — and adds one last splash of fragrance to carry through your day. The only difficult part is choosing a scent…but we have some ideas about that, too.


Our most-loved fragrances. Display-worthy packaging. These are the goodies you’ll want to use before a special occasion or a night out. We recommend a few of our fan-favorites, like Gingham or Japanese Cherry Blossom.

P.S. If you’re looking for something to add to your guy’s routine, let us point you towards our men’s body spray and cologne. From fresh and spicy to bold and woodsy, there’s definitely a fragrance (or fragrances!) you’ll both love. 


Super refreshing and extra spritzable, our fine fragrance mists are perfect for taking everywhere, so you can keep your scent going all day. Toss one in your bag, throw another in a drawer and you’ll be good to go.

Fine fragrance mist: Light, airy and oh-so-great.

There’s a reason our fine fragrance mist  is an all-time customer favorite: it’s super light, super layerable and available in enough scents to keep your shelf stocked forever. Take a peek at what this most-loved mist can do for you – and why you need a few in your shopping bag ASAP.

It’s our spin on the classic body spray. Light, refreshing and full of fragrance, this mist has been a Bath & Body Works staple for years – and we even blend each one with skin-loving ingredients, like aloe, to make them more essential (and perfect for daily use). They’re genuinely our favorite way to fragrance.

Use Bath & Body Works Discount Coupon Code A6ND And Get Extra 10% OFF + Website Offer Buy 2 Get 2 Free  Mix & Match

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